October Has Arrived – Time To Plan For Christmas?

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3rd October 2017

October is here, which means for some people it is officially acceptable to start talking about and preparing for Christmas.

Why Your Business Should Be Preparing For Christmas Now

Shop isles are filled with festive gifts and restaurants are being booked up for those work Christmas parties; all we need now is the latest John Lewis advert to hit our screens. But, you are still trying to figure out where this last year has gone when in fact it seems like two minutes ago you were eating Easter eggs.

There is just no escaping it. It is officially only 11 weeks until Christmas. Still not feeling festive? Well aside from good food and presents, there are plenty of other positives the festive season brings, many of which could bring huge benefits for your business.

So, it’s time to suck up the spirit and use it to your advantage. Here is how…

1.Acknowledge It’s Christmas

Christmas is just like the weather; whether you love or loath it, it’s one way to get people talking. Oscar Wilde infamously said: ‘There is only one thing in life worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about.’ When it comes to marketing your business online – this is 100% true.

The huge brands have realised this over the years. It started with the iconic Coca Cola Christmas red lorry, now we can’t turn on our TVs during November without seeing the retail giants and their latest Christmas inspired advert telling the story of lost presents, slow songs and cute animals.

Therefore, one quick and cost-effective way to start is by sending your customers cards or e-cards. This way you are acknowledging the season as well as thanking them for their custom and loyalty over the last twelve months. Come on, no one likes a Scrooge! Now is also a good time to set up automation emailers, you could do a weekly countdown themed idea. Whether you have used them previously or not they are a great way of keeping in touch with your customers and subtly reminding them who you are.


2.Social Media Drive

Firstly, if you don’t have social media then you need it – NOW. The benefits of social media in general are endless, but they are especially great marketing tools at Christmas. Quick and easy ideas include updating your profile pictures and page headers with Christmas themed images. Sharing Christmas related posts, songs and news. Why not try adding a touch of Christmas to your website and ensure you add Christmas delivery information also.


3.Rebrand Your Products For Christmas

Above we have mentioned a couple of ideas which won’t cost you a penny. However here are a few other ideas which could give you a nice return in the long run. How about rebranding some of your products or services? Have you ever visited your favourite coffee shop during winter? Well, you can’t get a cup of coffee these days without seeing a festive menu on offer.

From Christmas themed syrup to Christmas inspired toppings, it happens and more importantly it works. People love to get in the spirit for Christmas. Therefore, why don’t you use images typically associated with it in your branding, this way customers are more likely to think of your products when they’re looking for Christmas presents.

Obviously this tactic isn’t applicable for every product or company, but in many cases, you can subtly rebrand an item to make it appeal to customers as a potential gift. You could even reshoot photographs in a festive setting or rewrite your product descriptions. Once potential customers see your products in a Christmassy context, they’re much more likely to consider them as gifts.


4.Run Special Offers

People like spending money at Christmas, so make sure you attract them to your business by offering them some incentives. These could be special offers like free gifts when they make a purchase, or discounts when they buy multiple products. Include services that make Christmas shopping more convenient for your customers such as gift wrapping and free or next-day delivery. By doing this, you’ll make your business stick out, meaning customers are more than likely to purchase from you and return in the future.

Act Now

Are you still not convinced that we should be talking about Christmas so soon? Well I am positive these next 11 weeks will fly and most people have presents and Christmas dinner on their minds already. Perhaps you are unsure how to market your business effectively? This is where we come in. Visit our website now to discover the difference we could make to your business this year.


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