Why you still need print marketing

Frankie Tommy

23rd October 2017

Print nowadays may seem old fashioned. Though there are many reasons as to why we should still be using business cards, brochures, posters etc. Of course, the nature of your business and your target audience will have a large effect on what media should be used. We can help you with this, but the print world is not over…

A lot of magazine and newspapers now have digital versions of their publications, with a 693% increase in the digital publication movement. Though the big and successful are still publishing print magazines; such as Asos, Not on The High Street and even Google themselves.

Print is still the current way of publishing a magazine with only 9.4% of Men’s lifestyle magazine GQ sales being digital sales. Meaning 90.6% of their sales are still from printed publications. Who doesn’t like a fresh, crisp glossy magazine?

People still like the old-fashioned face to face conversation. Handing over a business card makes the process more personal and direct. It creates more of a relationship with your customers, and makes them feel valued to the company. Have you ever received vouchers in the post from Sainsburys for example, it does make you feel that you are valued by the business, this then increases customer loyalty.

It makes your company stand out, because of the decrease in print marketing it will give you more of an edge and differentiate you from your competitors. Meaning when your potential customers do see your print media they are more likely to pay attention and engage with it.

I know for me personally print is more lasting. On the web you just scroll past the media, or the emails just sit in your inbox. Whereas when I come across a printed voucher I pop it in my purse and keep it until I use it. It’s a constant reminder to go in store and redeem the voucher. It’s the same with magazines -they sit on my coffee table for weeks, another constant reminder of the brand.

Need print marketing?

Whether its digital or print, they still must do the job and look good, that’s what we are here for. Contact us now to see how we could help!


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