Biggest mistakes you are making on social media

Frankie Tommy

19th June 2018

Social media can be a minefield, here are 7 of the biggest mistakes you might be making.

Too Many Hashtags

Yes, hashtags should be used because it can reach an audience that you may not necessarily reach otherwise, but don’t overdo it. Using too many hashtags can distract the audience from the key content and look like spam and will put the audience off from looking any further into your business. Read more on hashtags here.

Wrong Size Images

Every platform has different suggested image sizes for profile images, header images and post images. You want to make sure that your images are clear and not pixelated and that they fit in the space provided, so that nothing important is cropped out of the image when it is seen in the newsfeed. This can be the difference between your business looking professional or amateurish.

Old Contact Information

If you have old or incorrect contact details on your site, then you could be losing out on a lot of business. If the link to your website doesn’t work then it’s very likely that they will look elsewhere.

Posting Too Often Or Too Little

You have too make sure that you get the right balance between not filling up your followers’ timeline and not posting too little that they completely forget about you.

Not Being Social

Get involved with the conversation, don’t be oblivious to the world around you. It makes your business look up to date and shows that you care about world events and customers.

Being Too Formal

Being to formal and just posting the same industry news, company news and boring facts and figures can dull your timeline, and ultimately decrease your number of followers and likes etc.

Not Using Platforms Too Their Full Potential

Just posting a post with an image every day is not using platforms to their full potential. Platforms have a lot more tools than you think and using these can reach a whole different audience. “Why wait for people to find you when you can find them.” -Ian Cleary

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