Why your business needs a mobile app

Frankie Tommy

6th June 2018

How did you pay for your coffee this morning? High chances are you paid with your smartphone. Here at NDM we believe that mobile phones are the future, and that everything we do will be centred around our mobile phones. People tend to prefer to use their mobiles now rather than desktops and laptops, it’s convenient and effortless.

Be Visible

People are on their mobiles throughout the day, and even though they may not go on their phone specifically to open your app, our mind unconsciously records everything we see and whist they are using their phone, chances are they will come across your app numerous times. So, the thought of your business will stick in their minds. 86% of time spent on a mobile is on an app rather than a browser (Source: all Business).

Direct Marketing

Having an app means that you can send push notifications to users, meaning you can constantly remind users about events, sales, promotions etc.

Stay In The Game

The future is mobile, and so you need to make sure that you don’t get left behind. Everything is moving to mobile, more websites are viewed on mobile rather than desktop. Even wallets are moving to mobile, with Apple pay and loyalty apps become more and more popular, with even the talk of driving licenses being viewed on mobile. Smaller businesses don’t tend to have mobile apps, its only the big guys, like popular shopping sites, banks and TV channels. So having an app will make sure that you stand out from the competition.

Increase Customer Returns

If you give rewards on your business app, just like a loyalty card for example, the more likely people are to download your app. Meaning an increased amount of returning customers. Rewarding your customers will help you grow your customer base significantly.

Improve Customer Engagement

Having a messaging service on your app will be appealing to your customers. Whether you are a garage or a beauty salon. It will allow your customers to easily and quickly get in contact you, whether that’s to book a car service or book a nail appointment.

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