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Frankie Tommy

1st February 2018

Creating campaigns for your business is vital to increase sales and awareness of your brand. Here are 5 of our favourite campaigns:

Nikes – “Just Do It”

The “Just Do It” campaign by Nike has been used for many years and has increased Nikes sales and awareness significantly. The reason that this campaign has been so successful is because Nike sell sport and fitness clothing and equipment, and many people find it hard to get into fitness, including myself I say to myself all the time I’ll go to the gym today, but do I? NO. I need someone to tell me to do it! So, solving the customers problems and inspiring them to go the gym. Also motivating them to buy new clothing and equipment to inspire them even further. Simple yet effective.

Absolut Vodka – Bottle Shape

For many years Absolut have taken the shape of their bottle and made around 1500 different adverts, and it is now one of the most recognisable vodka bottles in the world. Making the key of this campaign the consistency and incorporating it with everyday life.

For example, one of my favourites is the “ABSOLUT APPLE”, they have made the bottle shape using yellow cabs on a New York street. Others include “Absolut Perfection” and “Absolut Idol”.

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Metro Trains – “Dumb Ways to Die”

Metro Trains created a video to raise awareness of the danger of trains. A very morbid subject, but done in a creative, funny and memorably way. The video included various cartoon characters dying in dumb ways, for example “poke a stick at a grizzly bear” and “Take your hat off in outer space”. With the last few lines of the song being about trains; “Stand on the edge of a train station platform. The video today has been viewed over 160 million times, making it a triumph from Metro Trains. Showing whatever the subject of the campaign it can also be made creative and funny, without being offensive and ghastly.

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Apple – What’s a computer”

Recently Apple have created a new TV advert, advertising their IPad Pro. The advert shows a girl using her IPad Pro in the garden, a woman then appears and asks, “What are you doing on your computer?” and the girls response being “What’s a computer?”. Suggesting that IPads have taken over. Which could very possibly happen in the future. It’s a very simple and low cost advert with a very powerful message.

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Aldi’s Instagram Feed

Aldi’s Instagram is a piece of art. They use their posts as jigsaw pieces so when you visit their feed all the posts make up one big image, a banquet of their food. They do themes such as Christmas, Easter, picnics, healthy eating etc. The less adverts look like adverts the more effective they are, and so by showing their products in real life situations encourages the viewer to create a similar banquet. It’s not necessarily a campaign, but I thought it was worth a mention.

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