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7th February 2018

It goes without saying, images play an important role in digital marketing. But are you aware of the reasons why they are so important?

If You’re Going To Use Them – Use Them Properly

Aesthetics are important, especially when it comes to attracting new customers and ensuring they are engaging with your online marketing. However, apart from looking the part, images also have to do the right job as well…this is where we can help.

The truth is: not every image does the trick.

Choosing The Right Image

Businesses are more frequently looking to stock photos to showcase their business products and services. Stock photos are great as they are usually original images, meaning they don’t need to be stretched online. Also they are clean and look great, another way to attract new customers.

Even better, there are now numerous websites online which offer these images for FREE – bonus.

Unfortunately, this is just not enough. Agreed, stock photos may look nice on the surface, but they don’t add value to an article. They never give additional information and most of the time the image in the stock photo is only vaguely related to the topic of the post.

So what kind of image should you use? This will always depend on the nature of your business, your type of audience or what you are trying to achieve. However, why not mix things up a bit and try a mixture: Screenshots, Quotes, Memes, Photographs you have taken yourself, Illustrations, products with customers, and much more.

Using Images Online
Don’t Over or Undersize

So you have chosen an image or images you would like to use for a new blog or article – surely that’s the hard bit done – well not exactly.

The size of an image is also extremely important. Depending on where and how you want to use a particular image, you need to be thinking about the orientation, aspect ratio, angle, full-width, etc, etc.

For your website: If you want to add new images to your website, you need to think about how much space you want it to take up, if there are other images and if it would look silly if they are not all the same size?

Perhaps more importantly, did you know that if the image is too large, this could make your website perform slower and take longer to load…so what is the average attention span of human beings these days?

And while you can take a large sized image and make it smaller – you can’t take a small size image and make it bigger. If you do, the individual pixels will become visible and the image will lose its quality.

Using Images Online

Images For Social Media

Most of the time, an image can be shared over numerous social channels, without having to be resized or edited. However, the rules for Facebook are slightly different.

When it comes to sharing posts on Facebook – content is king and an image should be an image (with as little content as possible). The message here is to post an image and use the status bar to write important content to help engage your readers further.

In fact, because of new advertising rules and effectivity, Facebook brought in the 20% text rule. Product Marketing Manager, Afsheen Ali has said:

“Our research has shown that people demonstrate a preference for ads with less text. Previously, if 20% of an ad image’s area was text, it was not approved to run on Facebook, Instagram or the Audience Network. We’ve heard from some advertisers that this can be confusing, as it’s not always clear that an ad does not meet the policy requirements until after creative has been submitted. We are shifting to a new solution to improve this experience which allows advertisers more flexibility while still allowing us to maintain an enjoyable experience for people.”

Using Images Online

Keep Your Followers Hooked

Saying that, it’s all very well ensuring your images follow these new rules, but let’s not forget the basics – first impressions are still deadly important – it is what makes potential customers click or scroll on.

And in reality, no one knows your customers as much as you do – therefore this is why it is important to get the combination right; attract your customers straight away, but keep them engaged along the way.

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