Key elements to any Website

Frankie Tommy

28th May 2018

There are many elements to a web page that can either make or break your website. Here are just a few elements that you should keep in mind:

News Page

Having a news page on your website won’t just keep users up to date with company and industry news but will also help with your SEO. Search engines like google regularly check websites to see if the content is changing. If the content isn’t being changed frequently then the search engines will presume that the website is not being used and so the website will rank lower on Google and other search engines.

Contact Details

Contact details such as a phone number, email address and location can add legitimacy and convenience to your website. They should be clear on a website, as it can be infuriating to users when they cannot be found. So where should you put contact details? Contact details should be clearly visible, so it makes sense to pop them in the header, footer or even both so that they can be found on every page of the website. A ‘contact us’ form is also a clever idea as it allows users to quickly get in touch with you, even if it’s just a quick question.

About Us

An ‘about us’ page is vital for any business’ website, especially smaller independent businesses. This page should tell users what your business does, who you are and how it got started etc. This page is also a suitable place to introduce the team, people like to have a face to a business and see that it’s not just robots behind the scenes. It will make the business look more down to earth and human. ‘About us’ pages tend to be very long winded and boring, so make it short but informative to keep your users interested.

Easy Navigation

A websites navigation is anything that helps users find their way through the website; menus, arrows, buttons etc. A websites site map should be easy and simple to use and should be kept minimal so not to confuse users. Users will want to find the information they are looking for within seconds of landing on the website, so easy navigation will prevent users getting frustrated and leaving your website and looking elsewhere.

Call To Action

What is your site there to do? Make sales? Gather a mailing list? Issue information? Make sure that your website guides your users to where exactly you want them to go. There is no point in having a beautifully designed website if there is no outcome that benefits the business. Make it obvious to your users what it is you want them to do.

Balance of different media

A website full of text will bore users, a website full of images will confuse users. Make sure that your website is made up of diverse types of media; text, images, graphics and videos etc.

Mobile Friendly

More and more people are now viewing websites on their mobiles. Not only does it make it easier to use for the user, but also google prioritizes mobile friendly websites, meaning you will rank better in google.

Third Party Validation

Things like testimonials, case studies and awards etc. will again like having contact details gives the users confidence that your business is trustworthy and reliable. So, increasing the number of prospects that turn to actual customers and clients. This works especially well if your customers are businesses, if you have some big names as customers, show it off!

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