Email Marketing – Mistakes to Avoid

Frankie Tommy

26th July 2018

The first ever email was sent 46 years ago, and they are still going strong today. Though it can be difficult to get right, here are the mistakes you should try and avoid:

1. Sending Too Many Emails

Inboxes are usually overflowing with promotional emails. Don’t be a contributor to this, people don’t want emails from you every second of the day, if people subscribe to your mail list, keep them don’t make them unsubscribe!

2. Sending Them At The Wrong Time

Think about when your target audience have the time to sit down and read an email. There’s not much point in sending one out at 8am or 5pm when people are traveling to and from work. (Don’t forget about time zones as well).

3. Not Engaging The Reader Enough

Your subscribers have joined your list for a reason, don’t bore them. Make sure that there is something in it for them when they join your mailing list. Having a clear call to action (CTA) can help engage the reader more, as it gives them something to follow. A call to action can be “Buy Now”, “Read More”, “Contact Us” etc.

4. Not Using Automated Emails

Sending emails can be a tedious job. Using automated emails means that you can personalise user experience, based on what the user is interested in, saving you the hassle. Doing this is essential if you want your email marketing to succeed. There’s no point in sending emails to people who will not be interested, so send the right emails to the right people.

5. Sending Emails Without Permission

Before you send any emails make sure that you have permission, as you can get in trouble for this which can create a bad reputation for your business. Customers also have the right too unsubscribe from your mailing list, so make sure that every email you send out has an unsubscribe button. Read more about the laws here.

6. Buying Your Mail List

Don’t get us wrong using a bought mailing list does have its advantages and will generate leads and sales for your business. Though you should always try and build up your own mailing list, this way you know that your subscribers are interested in your emails, and so increasing the percentage of opens and clicks etc.

7. Not letting someone else manage your email marketing

Consider letting someone else take over, chances are you’re too busy running your core business, and don’t have the time to learn about email marketing. Here at NDM we can send email campaigns on your behalf saving you the hassle. Send us a message via our contact form for more information.


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