Do you want a TikTok presence for your business? But don’t know where to start?

We can help you film several TikTok’s on your own account, so you can save to your drafts. You can then publish them whenever you are ready!

Examples Of Trending TikToks We Can Do With You:

This all depends on your business, but here are some generic examples:
  • Clothing to uniform transitions
  • Dance routines (Such as
  • Premises tours
  • Product reveals
  • Seasonal (Pumpkin carving, decoration transitions)

    Examples of things you may need to supply:

    Again this all depends on your business, here are some generic examples but we will get in touch with you before hand to discuss.
    • Clothing – Uniform / Normal Clothing
    • Props –


    We will need at least two willing people from your business to participate.


    We will communicate you before the day and discuss what props/uniforms/outfits you will need to supply.


    On the chosen day, we will be with at 10:00 and finish at 16:00, with 1 hours break.


    Wherever suits best, your office, site, warehouse etc.

    Go check our our TikTok account

    Give us a call on 01743 648700, email us on, or fill in the form below if you are interested and we will get back to you ASAP.

    The price above is only for locations in Shropshire, please contact us if you are further away and we can get a quote put together for you.

    We cannot promise how many videos we will be able to film, as this depends on the content of the videos. But we will promise a minimum of three.


    Get A Total Creative Marketing
    Agency On Your Team

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