The Team

Pete Amer

Technical Director

Pete comes with 25 years experience across advertising, sales and creative marketing.


Mike Dell

General Manager

Mike brings a significant level of experience and success in the management of businesses primarily in the manufacturing sector.


Jacob Amer

Back End Developer

Jacob is our budding developer. Handling technical support and supporting with complex development projects his ability to learn new systems quickly is remarkable.


Dulcie Futter

Creative Assistant

This is Dulcies first job in the digital marketing world, but has a passion for all things design and is looking forward to bringing creative ideas to life.


Nichola Jones

Marketing & Admin

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Whether you have never used marketing agencies before, are reluctant to pay another monthly outgoing or, you have found that online marketing hasn’t worked for you in the past, allow NDM Creative to show you just how your business could reach its’ full potential.

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Do you want to work for a successful, creative and specialist online digital marketing agency? Do you enjoy working on a variety of different projects whilst serving clients from a range of different industries and sectors? If so, NDM Creative wants to hear from you. We are looking for bright and inspirational individuals to join our expanding team. Get in touch today and see what you could bring to the table…


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