Instagram – How to use it like a pro

Frankie Tommy

15th October 2018

Instagram (also know as “Insta”) doesn’t really need a explanation, but for those who don’t know, Instagram is a free social media platform. It allows users to share images and videos, which can be; edited with filters, tagged with other users and sorted by location and hashtags. Instagram was created by Kevin Systrom  and Mike Kriger, and was realised in October 2010. By December the same year the platform had 1 million users and by the end of 2017 it had rocketed to 800 million. Making the platform a very strong marketing tool.


  • Never buy followers, these profiles are usually inactive or robots so will not interact with your posts.
  • Follow related companies and potential prospects, this way more people will see your profile and possibly follow you back.
  • Liking photos that are related to your industry can help increase your number of followers. This is the most organic way to gain followers and likes.


Hashtags can be a really useful tool to increase engagement. Though you don’t want to overdo it. Try not to use hashtags such as #lfl #f4f and #likeforlike, this can seem desperate and wont attract the right people to your profile. Try not to use too many hashtags in the same post, a good trick to use is to hashtag existing words in your text, for example “How to use #Instagram like a pro”. Also keep it relevant, if you are talking about the new iPhone use #apple, and not completely irrelevant words. See our guide to Hashtags here –


Make the most out of your bio. Make sure you have a link to your website, and a quick explanation of what you do. Your bio can also include hashtags which makes it easier for people to find you.


Instagram is all about the images. Make sure that the images you are posting are large enough so that they aren’t blurry. Instagram users also like a good profile aesthetic, this is when all your images look good next to each other. This can be done by being consistent with what filters, colours and borders you use. It may seem very irrelevant, but it can be a very large deciding factor on whether people follow you or not. Ask your customers to share images of products that they have bought from you (if this is appropriate to your business) and suggest they tag you in the image and use your #. For example the clothing brand Missguided uses the #babesofmissguided, which is now used regularly by their customers.

Companies that have a great Instagram profile:


Aldi MVMT Scamp & Dude


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