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Frankie Tommy

8th January 2018

The first ever email was sent 46 years ago and they are still going strong. Social media may be overtaking, but email marketing will reach a different audience and may stand out from all the posts, tweets and likes.


The first thing to think about is who you will send your emails too. It’s all ways been said that using an organic list of emails if the most effective, and it is. Organic subscribers will increase engagement significantly, as they are already interested in your services.


Email journeys are pre-set up emails that will send out automatically when the condition is met. These journeys can become very long and complex. Using journeys can have many advantages;

  • Save you time – as all the emails are all pre-set up. For example, if somebody signs up to your newsletter on your website, then the welcome email will send out automatically, saving you sending one out every time someone signs up.
  • Making the experience for receivers more personal – Subscribers can choose their preferences so that they only receive emails that they are interested in. This will also decrease the amount of unsubscribes, because people will be receiving information that they want to receive.
  • Keeps them interested – By sending regular emails, it will keep the subscribers interested and keep your services on their mind. Consequently, increasing sales.

Subject Line/ Preheader Text

The subject line and the preheader text are the first things that the subscriber will see, therefore making it vital that the content will make them open the email.

  • Include their name to grab their attention.
  • Include something that will benefit them if they open the email.
  • Don’t use unnecessary punctuation!!!
  • Emojis are a good attention grabbing tool in emails


An email needs to have an outcome. What is the point of your email? Purchasing, promotion code, new blog post etc. It needs to be obvious to the reader what you want them to do, “Buy Now”, “Redeem Now”, “Read Now” etc. This is called the Call to Action (CTA). CTA’s will increase engagement, brand awareness and sales.

It may be natural to use the words “mailing list” and “newsletter” but this can put people off, as they are associated with spam email, as it doesn’t sound interesting or informative.


Layout may seem like a very small part of the email, but can be one of the biggest influencers. The layout of an email can affect how easy it is to read, for example if it was just one enormous chunk of text the chances are no one will read it, as it will seem time consuming and tedious. People want to be able to quickly scan through the email and no what it is about, therefore it is important that it should flow, split up chinks of text and use visuals. The reverse triangle is a good trick to use, the email should be wide at the top and get narrower as you go down, leading the CTA (Call To Action).

How we can help

New Digital Marketing can do all this on your behalf;

  • Create interesting content
  • Create personalised journeys
  • and add to your subscriber lists

so that you can concentrate on your core business. Just get in touch today to see how we can help your business.


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