Clever Christmas Adverts

Dulcie Futter

7th December 2021

In my opinion one of the most exciting things about Christmas is looking forward to the campaigns, like the iconic John Lewis Christmas advert, and the different Christmas logos. Each year they are becoming more and more inventive, so in this blog we are going to investigate the best and clever Christmas campaigns/logos we’ve come across in 2020/2021 so far…

Our goal for this blog is to inspire your brands Christmas design, and then we can make your vision come to life!

Having a clever Christmas advert or logo can be important for your brands reach during the Christmas period, this is because clever adverts tend to catch your eye more than the standard Christmas ad.

When scrolling down your social media feed, or walking down the street and looking at a banner, colours and creativity make for the best adverts and will attract more attention to your brand.

Here are a few examples of clever and creative Christmas adverts:

This is a Christmas ad for Dulux, which is simple yet effective. With two contradicting colours it immediately catches the eye.

This is Hondas Christmas advert which again uses two contradicting colours that instantly draws attention. This advert is especially eye catching as its cleverly using the road to look like a Christmas tree- surrounded with snow. Again, simple but effective.

Why is it important for your business to have a Christmas logo?

Christmas logos are a great idea to add to your company’s Christmas marketing!

During the Christmas season, people’s spirits are higher and therefore more likely to try out new things/ companies/ brands. However, it will take something eye catching to draw them in…

Keeping up with trends

I’m sure you’ve seen all the big brands like Google and eBay change their logos to match with the seasons/ important days, so why is it important for your brand to do so?

Getting a festive logo will show your customers and other brands that you are keeping up with the times and therefore helping to show you are modern and up to date.

Engaging with your customers

Changing your logo during the festive season ensures that your customers and any potential customers see your logo and love that you are also in festive spirits!

Here’s an example of a clever Christmas logo:
Here is a clever logo using the brand name to create the shape of a Christmas tree

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