The benefits of social media marketing

Frankie Tommy

16th June 2017

Social Media is a vital marketing tool for any business!

Social media is becoming more and more popular every day. Using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the list goes on, will create many opportunities and links for your business; new clients and customers, increase your brand loyalty and that’s just the start.

5 Years

Everybody uses social media, and when we say everyone we mean everyone. In our life time, we spend over five years on social media, that’s 1825 days you have to persuade someone to purchase your product, easy, right? Every post can reach hundreds or even thousands of prospects, so it will want to be done right, there are many factors to think about to make it appeal, spark interest and attract the right audience.


Using social media for your business in a way creates evidence for your product. Seeing the product or service being used by really people can boost your ¬¬appearance to make your business seem more credible. This then makes customers more likely to spread the word, whether this is on social media or face to face. Then you can just watch the free advertising unroll.


Engagement before, during and after their experiences with the business makes it personal. Social media is all about yourself and nosing at what others are doing. So many customers will share their story with your business and this can be free, no work, no hassle advertising, you can’t really get better than that!

Useful Information

Customers can leave reviews and comments on all social media sites, which can provide very useful information to help improve your business. Remember negatives do not always equal negatives. You can gain very useful insights into what your customers are thinking and what you can do with this information can benefit your business substantially.

So how can we help you?

Here at NDM we can make the most of social media marketing for your business whether you are selling clothing or leasing vehicles we will cater everything to your business goals. As well as managing your accounts for you so you do not have to worry about that, we can also help you decide which platforms will benefit you most and how to get the most out of them.


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