2019 Web Design Trends

Frankie Tommy

7th December 2018

So 2018 is nearly over and you should start thinking about what the new year is going to bring you and your business. The start of a new year is a great excuse to revamp your website. Just like fashion, web design trends can change in an instant. It can be easy to spot trends that have happened in the past, but quite tricky to know what the upcoming trends are going to be. So here are our predictions for 2019…



Having a minimal site keeps everything clean, fresh and modern. Though minimalism doesn’t just have its appearance benefits. It can also help with the speed of a website, as there aren’t as many things to load, making the user experience a lot smoother. Negative space is the key element of minimalism design. The white space draws your eye to the important content on the page, reducing distraction and increasing engagement. Minimalism can really benefit some businesses but not all. For example a photographers website would be the perfect example but a Insurance Brokers website for example would benefit from a lot of detailed information on there site.



mobile responsive websites

Google have changed which sites they index first, they now prioritise mobile friendly websites. This is due to the number of searches on mobile over taking the number of searches on desktop. So no surprise that mobile friendly sites are becoming increasingly popular. Websites used to be designed to fit a desktop screen first, and then try and make it mobile friendly second working with what you have. Though now due to the increase in mobile use, companies have started to work on the mobile version of their website first, and worry about the desktop version second. Though both are still very important, 2019 will only seen an increase in mobile use over desktop use.



Minimalism and speed will be huge factors in 2019. One way to master this is by creating a one page website (also known as “pageless design”).

The whole point of a website is to inform users on what you do and how you can help them. With a one page website this is a lot easier. They have to follow they journey you set them, from the informative content at the top to the bottom of the website where the contact form and contact details will be. Meaning more leads and increased business.

Though from a SEO point of view it can make things tricky as it will be harder to put in keywords as there aren’t separate pages there to rank. Though this didn’t stop the popularity of one page websites in 2018.



video background websites

Though speed and minimalism is the main trend for 2019, video backgrounds are still going to be around.

Video has been increasingly popular on social media in the last few years because of the increased engagement compared to just content that is purely just text or an image. People don’t like to sit there and read paragraphs after paragraphs of text, using video you can convey a message in a much shorter amount of time and a more engaging way for the viewer. Meaning the are more likely to stay on the website resulting in increased business through the site.

As long as the video is of high quality, muted, short and looped a video background can do wonders for your website.



Geometric shapes website design

The use of flat design in websites in 2018 has grown immensely.

When we say “Geometric shapes” what do we mean? We simply mean the shapes you learned about in primary school; triangles, squares, hexagons etc etc. Using shapes can really help you strengthen your brand identity, as they are so versatile.

Using shapes in your web design:

  • Give the website a modern and sleek look.
  • Can split up a page without being to harsh.
  • Give your website depth and colour, if too much white space is an issue.
  • Depending on which shapes you use can give out different messages; circles can give the idea of unity, and rectangles and squares can give the feeling of strength and robustness.




Again typography is another minimalist style that has seen a rise in use in 2018. Typography is said to date back to the 2nd millennium BC, and is still a popular way to communicate a message and so we dont think it will disappear any time soon.

Typography can break up large amounts of text so that the reader is more engaged with the content. Though there is a lot to think about with typography; font, size, kerning (space between each character), colour, font-weight etc. Changing these elements of type can effect the hierarchy, so it is so important to get it right.




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