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Struggling to get qualified leads quick? Or not being able to send out quotes quick enough? Read more to find out why your business NEEDS an area calculator.

area calculator Benefits

Easy to Use

Instant Measurements

Uses Google Maps

Why does your website need an area calculator?

Websites are an essential part of your digital presence and are often just a static representation of what you do. When developing websites for a loft conversion company and a resurfacing contractor we realised they had a common problem. Very often they sent salespeople out to potential customers for a “price checking” visit. Often the customer hadn’t got the budget to do the work.

The answer, a simple tool that gives the customer an initial estimate. This stops the visits where the customer hasn’t the budget or is just speculating on what something might cost.


Using the resurfacing business as an example a prospective customer clicks onto the calculator link which takes them to a page which includes a google maps link. Using their post code, they zoom in on their location and then using their mouse or keypad they drop pins onto the outline of the area they want resurfacing. Once complete AERCAL then calculates the estimate for the job – any number of optional features can be added to refine the estimate. If the customer wants to proceed, they submit their details via a form on the same page. We can also add an appointment scheduler so they can book a telephone call or appointment.

Our client qualifies out the speculative calls, gets notification of “warm” leads which can be added automatically to their CRM system and appointments for their sales team.

If you are interested complete the form below or give us a call. If you want to play first, we have included a calculator to see how much it would cost you to board out your loft for storage.

Scroll for our price list, and a demonstration of the area calculator!

Product Features

  • Standalone page linked to your website

  • Calculates complicated polygons
  • Multiple options can be added via drop down boxes
  • Enquires can be sent via email and added to CRM system.

Additional Options

  • Complete new website
  • CRM set up and data cleanse

  • eCommerce and Payment options also available.


Stand alone

As a standalone page – styled to match your branding so you can link from your existing website

  • £400 up-front

  • £30 per month


Intergrated into your website
  • £1000 up-front
  • Hosting and Support from £50 per month

Fresh Start

Get a fully refreshed website that includes the Area Calculator. New logo, copy, and pages to suit your business
  • £1500 up-front
  • Hosting and Support from £50 per month


Case study

Click on the images below to be transferred over to a website we built for our lovely clients Ecoloft. Here, we made an online calculator for their business, so that clients can put the measurements of their loft into the calculator and receive a quote instantly!

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