NDM Creative makes it possible for your community to thrive in lockdown and not just survive it!

Lockdown Shouldn’t Mean Locked Out

Our three tier package means your community will have its very own social network, video library and live featured events.

There’s no doubt that the leisure industry has been strongly affected by the Coronavirus pandemic. One of the most noticeable changes is the effect on social communities and groups. Have you found yourself missing the social interaction, the competitive banter, the companionship; basically everything that your social community has to offer?

Yes – you can still text and yes social media is great for keeping in touch…but it’s just not the same!

Your community will benefit from:

  • Connecting with users
  • Socialising with each other

  • Giving talks and classes online
  • Making friends and much more

“Now more than ever it’s important for us to keep enjoying the things we used to, even if it can’t be done in person. Both our physical and mental health depends on it!”

Don’t Get Left Behind

Long Term Development: Invest In The Future Of Your Community

We understand that there are plenty of well-known platforms that can offer you a similar quick fix and set up your community online. However our approach is more than a quick fix to a global pandemic. Instead, we work with you to establish a successful, long-term investment of your community.

  • Universal recognized website hosting
  • Branding & customisation
  • Email & IT support
  • Effective online marketing

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Our entry package at £499.00 (+ VAT) includes an online platform for members to access live events, libary of recorded events and an intergrated social forum.
Any extras, including membership payments and connections to services to third parties like Zoom, may involve extra cost.
Contact us to discuss what we can do.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It…

The Move it or Lose it Club was set up when the Coronavirus pandemic restricted how many people were allowed to gather indoors to exercise. The MIOLI team wanted to provide a safe alternative to keeping their clients active and connected. The club offers three areas: exercise, social and live club. NDM worked with MIOLI to produce a brand-new website for their members which includes an individual log in and password, a weekly itinerary of activities, pre-recorded videos, exercise sessions and a social forum.

“NDM helped us created our original website pre-COVID, however when our instructors were no longer able to deliver our exercise classes, we wanted to create an online platform where our members could still access our library of videos and classes. We then developed our club further and can now offer our members three areas so they can still keep active in a safe environment, but also connect with each other. We are thrilled with the Move it or Lose it Club.”


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